The Setting:

Originally purchased by Metro Maznio Sr and his wife, Mae, in 1933 to gain access to water to water their cows, Virginia Beach and Lake Owen Villas property, Cable, WI, are two of Lake Owen’s premier beach and recreation destinations. The crystal clear water of Lake Owen is recognized as Wisconsin’s cleanest. The spring-fed water is what provides for stunning clarity of Lake Owen. This combined with more natural than developed shoreline, lends itself to a trip back to nature.

During summer months, you can always find a quiet fishing hole with your kin, a water-ski across Wisconsin’s freshest lake, or a lazy pontoon ride lasting well into sunset. In Winter, you’ll hear yourself think while enjoying a cross-country experience second to none. Anytime of the year, you are sure to find this throw-back-in-time setting, one to help you and yours build lifetime memories.