“My husband has wonderful memories from his childhood and adulthood of Lake Owen. I’ve spent just the last two summers on Lake Owen at Gall’s Condo Rental and I have memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait until this summer. Thank you Gall’s Condo Rental” — Mike, Mandy and Sofia Dobosz

“Beautiful place to be… both summer and winter! Great memories” — Katelynn Cheever

“Loved coming up as a child and now starting many new memories with my son and husband!! Great place, people and fun!! XOXO” — The Davis Family

“Beautiful condo is a lovely setting.  Been coming up in Feb. for 10 years, always talk about coming up in the summer to appreciate the beauty” — The Wilsons

“The place was awesome, everything cheap and well worth the $200a night.  We definately will be back next winter!” — Nicole Morrissette